Why I Started This Blog

It’s hard to explain, this place that I have been in this past year.  I will try to share it as simply as possible.  I got hit on the head with this super heavy rock bookend.  It fell off the top shelf while I was  bending over dusting the bottom shelf of our bookcase.  It gave me a serious concussion and a cat scan revealed some abnormal brain issues and some pretty sad looking discs in my back and neck.  Healing has been a bit of a process for me. I have had the strange experience of hearing myself give slow responses as I had to really think hard through things.  I have experienced some abnormal sadness.  There was a lot of fatigue. If the rock had not hit me, I would not have a diagnosis for the other issues. Those diagnosis are not life threatening, just serious enough to warrant a major change in how I live my life and how I have to care for myself or things could get worse.  A fair and good warning.  God is so good.

Why I started this blog

The rock that hit me on the head and started it all.

So why start a blog now?  It’s actually for me. I needed to do something for me and I chose this, with the hope of helping others.  In the past I have been really good at helping others, but doing stuff just for me – not so much.  I have shared this fact with clients for years, but just recently embraced for myself that self care is not selfish.  It is prudent and wise and Biblical. To everything there is a season and I have learned that even the Proverbs 31 woman did not accomplish all of the things that she did simultaneously, in one season.  It was over her lifetime.  Healthy life choices and balance. Prayerful goals. God given dreams.  This is the whole premise of the Back to Basics Mom blog.

The Back to Basics Mom Blog idea came to me many years ago.  A bit shy, I nervously shared that I was starting a blog.  The women in the group I was in asked me why I was starting this blog.  At that time, several years ago, I didn’t know my why.  I had this thought about what it would be, and then I got nervous and stopped altogether.  Last year, as I was happily dusting and that dang rock hit me, I had to take some time out to just be.  There are times that I know the Lord allows us to just be… and I really did some soul searching.

For years I have written about adoption, blogging before I knew what blogging was.  For years,  I have coached women in life and have a knack for helping them to live with hope. I’m a wife and mom and part of a imperfectly, fun-loving family. I like to garden, cook, diy, decorate and entertain. Life came to a point where I was reminded that I need to take care of me and that it is okay to make myself a priority.  Now, at this time in my life, I want to share more and help others – which is my calling in life.  To do something that may benefit someone else and that still fills me up makes so much sense.  These are all reasons why I started this blog.

Back to Basics Moms

Full disclosure: I started writing right after my injury and as I reflected on those posts, it was evident that my brain was still healing. I probably should have taken a few months before jumping in, but some of the best things in my life have come from me jumping in.  I have found that my best way of learning is from experience.  The beginning of Back to Basics Mom Blog was not exactly what I wanted it to be. Some of my posts were downright embarrassing to me as I read through them, but they also gave me insight to some truths about myself as well. Healing is a process and attitude can be helpful or a detriment.  Positively, planning and creating something new has been extremely helpful to me. So just like I am so great at revamping a room in my house or a recipe in my kitchen, I have revamped this blog.  Old blog posts are gone, but saved for me to re-read in the future.  It is good to look at things from our past if we utilize it as a measuring stick as to how far we have grown, healed, moved forward.

This newly created and designed blog (which I actually did myself, people) is now looking more like I want it to and I am more clear on my niches, as well as a wee bit more confident with the business of blogging.  I hope that you will enjoy and share and be in touch with me about any helpful tips or take aways that you receive here.

From my heart and home to yours,



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