When You Become A Grandparent

When you become a grandparent

I have entered into the world of wonderful.  It is a time in life that we never knew would be so good.  It’s what happens when you become a grandparent.  It doesn’t seem that there are enough words to describe it, yet it can also be summed up with just one – bliss.  I am now MiMi and this is stuff that dreams are made of.

Our grandson, Finn, is now a year old.  Eric, our son and Finn’s dad, is my bonus son.  He is a gift to me from my husband’s first marriage.  I love this kid – who has grown into a super responsible adult and an amazing father.  The way Eric tirelessly plays with and pays attention to Finn reminds me of how his dad has always been with our children.  I love how this trait has been passed down from father to son, with a son of his own now.

Our children and first grandchild

Because Eric and Michelle (Eric’s love and Finn’s mommy) live three plus hours away, we are not able to see them as often as we would like to.  When we get together, we appreciate every precious moment.  Finn is such a sweet natured and happy baby.  He has an affinity for animals already and is very gentle.  We look forward to him asking when he can come over to Gramp’s and MiMi’s farm. Of course, our answer will always be, anytime of any day whatsoever!   In the meantime, we are gathering toys and planning play areas to build for him and his future siblings and cousins. It’s what happens when you become a grandparent.  I am hooked on being MiMi!

One of the best parts of this new stage in life is watching my husband as a grandfather. I  like to watch him as he watches his son interact with his grandson.  I remember feeling these renewed “falling in love with my husband all over again” feelings when we brought home our newborn children.  Seeing him in this new role of grandfather brings back those feelings as well.  There is just something so special and deep about watching your man bond with this little, tiny human being.  Below you can see the emotions of my David holding his grandson for the first time.

When you become a grandpa

What happens when you become MiMi

I have been asked about how is the whole “step mom into now step grandparent” thing is going – as if it needed to be a big thing.  Truthfully, I respect that there are two other grandmas that actually are the moms of Finn’s parents.  The fact that I get to share in that role, in whatever capacity I am able to, is such a complete honor to me.  Helping to raise Eric was one of the highlights of my life.  Loving Finn is a joy that I have never experienced – it’s what happens when you become a grandparent.  I am so grateful for the bonuses and extra gifts God has given to me within our family.

From my heart and home to yours,





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