My Secret to Fast and Easy Recipes for a Healthy Meal

My secret to fast and easy recipes for a healthy meal simply takes a little planning and vision.  Every dinner plate is an opportunity to create a well balanced meal.  I think about my plate in quarters. I use a bit smaller sized plate than a standard dinner plate.  Half belongs to a bed of vegetables – fresh green salad greens, kale, broccoli, spinach. One quarter belongs to a tasty amount of protein – palm sized marinated steak, grilled chicken breast strips or baked salmon.  The last quarter belongs to either more vegetables that compliment and add to the salad greens or stir fry. I might also choose a separate, stand alone vegetable like roasted cauliflower or grilled zucchini.  On certain days, I will allow myself a half of a baked yam or a fast burning carb, brown rice/quinoa medley or even a brown rice pasta.

I can have every intention of having a menu planned out for my family, but even if I do, there may be a day where work takes me away and I am not there to cook it.  My secret to fast and easy recipes for a healthy meal when I am not there to cook it, is to have either prepped it ahead of time and have it ready to be reheated at dinner time or to have the staples purchased so the kids can create their own plate.  A half can of tuna mixed with a little lemon juice placed on a bed of lettuce, with cucumber, green onion, celery and avocado is a fast and easy meal.  Go ahead and add some dressing to this one – it is still healthy and delicious.

So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being.
-Frank Kafka

I find truth in the above quote.  How often do I hear, “What’s to eat?” or “What’s for dinner?” Aww, the silence of a table happily eating.  I just want whatever goes in those mouths to be delicious and nutritious.  I learned a long time ago that I am a visionary.  Picturing my plate and envisioning what percentage of what goes where and how to make it pretty is an easy way for me to come up with new recipes or pairings of food.  My secret to fast and easy recipes for a healthy meal also keeps me on track to not overeat in an area where I might want to indulge myself.  I love those carbs and if I eat too much of them they love me so much that they don’t want to leave me, but an amount that makes sense and is balanced with other nutritional components is never a problem.

Be encouraged!

From my heart and home to yours,


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