They Made The Right Choice

I appreciate anything that can put a much needed spotlight on adoption.  As we deal mainly with newborn, independent adoptions –  much of our information is focused on how we can best help.  However, there are so many different ways to adopt and there are too many children needing to come home to a family.  When adoptive families contact us and we walk them through the possibilities of how they can adopt, we pray them through.  Whether they work with us or go a different route, we know that God provides a peace about the right pathway for Adoptive Families.  By seeking the Lord first, they can be confident that they made the right choice when moving forward in their adoption journey.

I was so moved yesterday as I had called one of our much loved families with a match.  They had been selected by a birth mom due just after the holidays.  Adoptive Mom took all of the information and went to talk it over with her husband…  her call back was with information that surprised me.

A few days prior, they had been contacted regarding a foster adopt situation of a 7 1/2 year old little boy.  This boy – let’s call him Tommy, had been placed in the system at the age of 3 1/2.  He has been in several homes and has some medical conditions that need attending to.  He was supposed to be adopted by his current foster family but they decided against it.  When questioned why they changed their minds, they just stated matter-of-factly that they don’t want him.  Imagine yourself as a child, not being wanted…

They made the right choice

When this amazing couple was given a choice between a brand new baby and a 7 1/2 year old boy who clearly will need some dedicated time in order to bond and given medical attention – they chose Tommy.  Though my call, at first caused some confusion for them – it ended up being confirmation that they were on the path God had intended for them.  They made the right choice.

The tears this adoptive mom shed with me over the phone were tears of happiness – in her heart, Tommy is already their son.

Because Tommy has never really been anybody’s son – this adoption is one of the sweetest I can imagine.

My heart is filled with pride and adoration for this couple.  They made the right choice.

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Thank you!

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