Questions about Life Coaching?

What is Life Coaching?

Have you ever felt called to or inspired to do something in your life, but you were not sure how to even get started? Have you ever stopped yourself from moving forward with something out of fear, negative self talk or because someone else told you that you couldn’t do it? Have you ever needed support?  Have you ever experienced that lightbulb going off in in your head because someone shared a different way of looking at things that finally made sense? Have you ever started something with gusto, only to stop yourself from completing it?  Just like any athlete, we do better when we define a plan, get cheered on and have access to an accountability partner.

Basically, a Life Coach is a heck of a good listener who meets their client right where they are at in life and helps them to reach their destination goal.

I’m a Christian, I don’t believe in Life Coaching. I read the Bible and pray.

Reading the Bible and praying absolutely should be the foundation of who we are as Christians.  As you seek the Lord for answers, sometimes He inspires us to reach for something that is bigger than we feel qualified for.  Seeking wise counsel is Biblical, planning and preparation is Biblical, having a prayer partner is Biblical.  I help my clients in all of these ways and more.

Seriously, what can you do for me, Michelle?

Well, I don’t really do anything FOR you …  but I can help you to:

  • Define your God given gifts and talents.
  • Brainstorm with you on how to best utilize those gifts and talents.
  • Pray with you as seek the Lord for answers and direction in your life.
  • Map out a path of doable steps to help you reach the goals that you feel inspired to reach.
  • Show up at our given appointments ready to encourage, work as your accountability partner on projects we have planned out for you and/or just listen to what you need to be heard.
  • Celebrate your victories.
  • Pray and help you through any stopping points you have.

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