About Bloom Coaching

This is our sweet spot and we hope that once you connect with us, it will be yours, too. You have been on a journey and because you are here, you may be feeling that you need some guidance and support. We are here to listen and help you to move forward. We want to give you the tools to confidently grow and bloom.

We are the growth and development support system for women.

Coaching is personal and we believe that every one of our clients has the potential to grow and beautifully bloom into who who they are meant to be. As women, we all want this. As women coaches, we understand this.

We specialize in helping women to BLOOM. Personally & Professionally. In every day life, as women. We focus on your personal growth in setting and attaining goals.

Bloom Life Coaching – Here we focus on self care and confidence growth. Imagine how a well cared for soul, with a renewed mindset and healthier habits can strengthen you to be better in all of your roles. This not only readies you, it makes you available to answer your calling.

There is no calling too small or beyond us in God’s perfect plans, but sometimes we need help with the steps. This is where coaching comes in to assist you.

Michelle Dettman

Coaching is a gift that you give yourself, yet it also benefits those around you. You will be able to focus on the different areas of your life that need some of your time and attention. Our coaching gives you guidance, support and accountability where you want to grow.

Bloom Business Coaching helps you and your business thrive. Whatever stage of business you are in, from a dream to a start up to a business that you have lost excitement over, or one that you need help growing, we’ve got you. We help you to define fully the why behind the what in your business. In turn, you are able to increase connection with those you help. As coaches, we are entrepreneurs as well. Dream mapping, goal setting, brain storming and marketing are just some of the help we offer. Bloom your business with one of our starter seed packages or Bloom fully with our all inclusive business package.