About Michelle


I appreciate you being here.

My name is Michelle Dettman and throughout my life, I have worn a lot of different hats. Life Coach, Adoption Educator, Speaker, Writer… My most loved roles have been as the wife of over 20 something years to my handsome, gentle soul of a husband, David and being the mom to our four children. Our family is the imperfectly perfect blend of marriage, adoption, and biology. Three of the four children are out making their mark on the world, and our youngest son is now in high school.

We live on a sweet, little, hobby farm in beautiful Southern California. It is here that I find the inspiration to put my hands in the dirt and garden, cook fresh & healthy meals, spend time with our collection of animals. decorate, stop and smell the flowers and write this blog. My home office overlooks the fruit orchard and I can hear the noisy clucking of the chickens and watch the goats playfully jumping around their barn yard. From this place, I find myself blessed to coach and mentor others from all over the country.

100% Guaranteed – I LOVE my calling as a certified Life Coach in helping others to healthily move forward in life.

I am honored to have coached hundreds of clients since I became certified in 2003. Life Coaching, Adoption Coaching and Business Coaching have been a major part of my practice, but through my own life’s circumstances, I have answered the calling to expand into Wellness Coaching as well.

By no mistake, here we are…

I have always had the natural inclination to help others to healthily move forward in their life.  My calling has expanded to now help anyone who has decided that their own mental wellness is worth making a stand for. There is much that we can do to alleviate stress factors in our lives. There is a way for us to give proper care and nutrition to our physical selves that will help us to improve our mental wellness. Life happens and there are situations that take place that are out of our control, but we still have a sayso as to how our story is written. Personally, I believe that God is ultimately the author of my existence, but He has given me free agency to write chapters of my life in how I respond, choices I make, things that I do…

My own dark cloud of depression was the result of a physical injury I had experienced. That dark cloud brought along its partners overwhelm and anxiety. Brain trauma injuries can have lasting effects. I had two severe concussions within a three year period. The first injury rattled my world and the second one gave me the push I needed – to not allow my physical injury or mental setbacks to have control and power over my entire life.

From my painstaking research and ultimately, my desire and determination to be and feel better, I found answers that have amazing and lasting results. There is a brain/gut/heart connection – our physical well being is significant to the healing of our mental selves. With proper care of physical and mental self, Life Coaching support, faith & prayer, correct nutrition and holistic, natural supplements, mental wellness can occur. I am grateful to be on this side of the storm. Now, I am on a mission to help others get out of the darkness and find the sunshine again.

“We are not meant to control everything in our lives, but we can do our best to respond well in how we care for our own well being.  Self care is not selfish. It is necessary for us to better handle those stresses that are a natural part of our life, as well as care for our responsibilites and those who we need to.  We all know that taking care of our physical health is important, often our mental health is disregarded. Our mental self needs our attention as well. Prioritizing this, along with our spiritual well being, keeps us centered, healthy and productive.”  – Michelle Dettman

Change is difficult, but it is a choice that we all have and it can be done.

Uncomfortable with what I was experiencing, I prayed a lot for discernment and sought professional medical care. Further research led me to a holistic alternative that was more in line with my comfort level. During that time, I also enlisted the help of my own Life Coach. Together, we made a plan to simplify the areas of my life that caused me stress, organized an area of life that I needed outside eyes on and made a doable plan for me to care for myself as life had gotten out of balance. It took consistent effort but is so well worth it. My well being has benefited not only me and my family but every other part of my life as well. During that time, I initially looked at it as a setback. Fear was running rampant. To reflect on it now, it was a period where my faith grew and every part of me became more healthy. This “setback” was actually a launching pad to right here, right now. I believe God allows us to experience things – even hard things – so that we can more effectively and authentically help others. Sometimes we need some help figuring out how to get from point A to where we are being called to go. It is my calling to help others to figure out their calling and to live their purpose. I help my clients to be their best selves, living freely and confidently, utilizing their God-given gifts and talents. I am here to meet you right where you are at – right now – and let’s see where God leads you to bloom. We all need to engage with and be given encouragement and inspiration from others.  I  hope that you will receive that here.  I so look forward to connecting with you.

I encourage a healthy lifestyle with home/work/life balance and self-care. You will find tips and coaching tools shared on this blog as well.

What I love doing

Coaching Women

As a Christian, personal growth and development coach for women, my hope is to help you shift in areas you feel convicted. I help you to define your God given gifts and utilize them. You have a unique purpose!


One of the greatest callings in my life is to help others with adoption. I've spent many years watching miracles take place as I serve Adoptive Families and Birth Moms through their journey.


I love to create a warm and welcoming home for my family. Decorating for holidays, redecorating our living spaces and DIY projects are always in the works.

Cooking Delicious, Healthy Food

I love when everybody is around our table. I love it even more when I know they are eating something healthy. Having a yummy, balanced meal is easy to put together and can be quicker than waiting in that fast food drivethru.

Watching My Children's Activities

There is nothing better than watching my kids utilize the gifts and talents God has given them. Grow that character! Develop those good work habits!


I love to take pictures and memorialize all of our family activities and events. I am having fun developing my photography skills and share my photos (and others, too) here on the blog.

Road Trips

I love a quick get away or a planned out road trip. The fact that we are all in the car together, exploring some place new, makes my heart happy.


I like the free therapy that gardening gives me. There is just something about putting my hands in the dirt. Growing pretty flowers and vegetables that we can eat is one of my life's simple pleasures.

Where you can find me

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