The struggle with negative mom self talk

The Struggle With Negative Mom Self Talk

The truth is that I am a good mom. I’m even a confident mom most of the time, but the struggle with negative mom self talk is real.  I have a son who is in the 7th grade and he recently started a new school. Middle School can be lonely when you are the new…

She needed to place this baby

She Needed To Place This Baby

I received a call from a woman in an unplanned pregnancy.  Her voice was sweet and she seemed to be somewhat shy.  I will call her Mary.  I made arrangements to meet with her.  She was living in a motel and that is where I went to pick her up. Mary is brunette and pretty…

Wheb you become a grandparent

When You Become A Grandparent

I have entered into the world of wonderful.  It is a time in life that we never knew would be so good.  It’s what happens when you become a grandparent.  It doesn’t seem that there are enough words to describe it, yet it can also be summed up with just one – bliss.  I am…

Forming New Habits

Forming New Habits

One day, several years ago, a big batch of stress came for a visit.  Slowly I began to be swallowed up by the overwhelm.  In my busyness and focus to take care of what I needed to, I was too exhausted to take care of myself. I got lost.  It took just a short amount of…

they made the right choice

They Made The Right Choice

I appreciate anything that can put a much needed spotlight on adoption.  As we deal mainly with newborn, independent adoptions –  much of our information is focused on how we can best help.  However, there are so many different ways to adopt and there are too many children needing to come home to a family….