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Learn how to overcome starting and stopping

Overcome Starting and Stopping

Starting and stopping is a habit that has been formed. Do you want a new found freedom and confidence? Learn how to overcome the cycle of starting and stopping. I am a visionary and tend to have really great ideas that cause an emotional high of excitement.  I would plan and go for a good…

The struggle with negative mom self talk

The Struggle With Negative Mom Self Talk

The truth is that I am a good mom. I’m even a confident mom most of the time, but the struggle with negative mom self talk is real.  I have a son who is in the 7th grade and he recently started a new school. Middle School can be lonely when you are the new…

Wheb you become a grandparent

When You Become A Grandparent

I have entered into the world of wonderful.  It is a time in life that we never knew would be so good.  It’s what happens when you become a grandparent.  It doesn’t seem that there are enough words to describe it, yet it can also be summed up with just one – bliss.  I am…

Forming New Habits

Forming New Habits

One day, several years ago, a big batch of stress came for a visit.  Slowly I began to be swallowed up by the overwhelm.  In my busyness and focus to take care of what I needed to, I was too exhausted to take care of myself. I got lost.  It took just a short amount of…

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